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pet of the weekFred and Ethel are eight year old declawed littermates. The sweet tabbies are up to date with veterinary care and are wonderful companions. The Hart County Humane Society is especially concerned about the cats as they lived the first seven years of their lives in a home with a committed family. Due to no fault of their own the cats were given up by their owner, but rescued by a foster home where they stayed for a long time. Finally a new family came along and everyone thought it would be the forever home for Fred and Ethel. That was not to be, again through no fault of the cats they are back with the rescue group. The cats are stressed and depressed, they don't understand what keeps happening to them. Fred cries out while Ethel hides. We are hoping a family will fall in love with Fred and Ethel and give them the loving forever home they deserve. For more information please call 706-436-0965 or email hartcohumane@yahoo.com
   Thank you for considering the adoption option. The Hart County Humane Society is grateful for those who don't drive by an animal in distress but stop to offer help. Even a call to the sheriff’s department for animal control is a rescue call.
   The Hart County Humane Society is a volunteer rescue organization. We receive no funding from any government agencies or other groups. We are a 501C3 non-profit organization. Donations are desperately needed to fund our foster/rescue and spay/neuter programs. Donations can be mailed to P.O. BOX 1062 Hartwell Georgia 30643 or be made online through PayPal. Please help us help the animals in our community.

Adoption Fee covers Spay/Neuter, Micro Chipping, Heart Worm (DOGS) or
leukemia/FIV (Cats)Testing, Age Appropriate Vaccinations,
Parasite Treatment and Preventative.


Hart County Humane Society Foster Home Inventory

Dogs and Puppies

Xena- 1 year old female Jack Russell mix
Annabelle Lee- 1 plus year old female Doberman
Reba- 8 year old female Boxer
Mya-2 year old female Boxer mix
Sandy- 4 year old female Walker Hound mix
Grace- 4 year old female Husky/Healer mix
Duke-2 year old male Lab/Boxer mix 
Chase-3 year old male Lab mix
Rudy- 3 year old male mix breed

Cats and Kittens

Lea-4 year old female DSH Siamese mix
Fred-8 year old male DSH Grey Tabby De clawed
Ethel-8 year old female DSH Grey Tabby De clawed
Smokey- 3 year old female DLH Grey De clawed
Midnight- 3 year old male DSH Black De clawed
Thumbelina- 8 month old DSH Black (Special Needs)
Puddin- 5 year old female DSH Brown/White
Violet-1 year old female DSH Black/White
Bobby- 6month old male Grey/White bob tail
Padiddle- 4 year old female DSH Calico Tabby (Special Needs) 
Mila- 6 month old female DSH Grey Tabby
Polly- 5 year old female DSH Tabby (Hemingway)
Skeeter-8 month male DSH Gray Tabby
Tenny- Adult female DSH Grey Tabby
Star- Adult female DSH Grey Tabby
Prince- Adult male DSH Yellow Tabby
Princess-Adult female DSH Grey Tabby
Xenia- Adult female DSH Black
Sully- 10 week old male DSH Tabby/White (Special Needs)
Paisley-10 week old female DSH Tabby/White
Macie-10 week old female DSH Grey
Bubbles- 10 week old female DSH Black.White
Dottie and her litter of 5- ten week old kittens



The Hart County Humane Society is a all volunteer rescue organization.We rely on donations to fund our rescue/foster and spay/neuter programs.
Donations are greatly appreciated.


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birthday fundraiser 2008
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Contributions to the Hart County Humane Society, Inc. are tax deductible under the Internal Revenue Code

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