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adoption week 2018

   Please join us 5:30 Monday May 14th at the J. Robert Mauldin Animal Sanctuary at 1364 Reed Creek Hwy for our monthly meeting. Find out how you can help save the lives of shelter animals.

   May 18th, 19th and 20th is the PetSmart National Adoption Weekend! We will join our sister group Anderson County Humane Society in this parking lot event. It helps the dogs and cats if they have an advocate, a buddy who walks them, makes sure they have water and comforts them. If you can lend your voice to a homeless pet for even a few hours please let us know.
The fund-raising committee will meet 5:00 Monday May 21st at the Hang it Up Gallery and Studios at 30 N. Forest Ave. New members are welcome to help raise much needed funds to support our mission to rescue sick, orphaned and emotionally scarred animals from our community.

   Saturday May 26th 9:00 until 2:00 we will be at our Hartwell Walmart as we join Purina in celebration of National Pet Month! Purina will provide coupons as shoppers enter the store so they may purchase much needed supplies to donate to our rescued pets. Please tell your family, friends, coworkers and everyone you know about this supply drive. Purina has graciously donated dry kitten and dog food which we are grateful for but we are in need of other items. We are beyond overwhelmed with young kittens. As the only local cat/kitten rescue, we are in desperate need of Purina Fancy Feast Kitten and Purina Friskies canned cat food, Tidy cats litter, scoop and clay. We also need canned dog food. We appreciate Purina's passion for pets and their generous donation but also need your help to take care of the homeless animals from our community. Our rescues thrive being fed Purina products, please help them grow healthy.

   We are so grateful for the J. Robert Mauldin Animal Sanctuary! As renovations are being done animals are already finding safe shelter until forever homes are found. The number of animals rescued depends directly on the volunteers and funds available. Please help us save the cats and dogs from Northeast Georgia Animal Shelter, our county intake shelter. Some donate money or supplies others volunteer time, together we can save them.

   Thank you, friends who came out to the Plant Party fund raiser, at Countryside Garden Center. Nearly $1,000.00 was raised and a great time was had by all. The beautiful garden center is located at 4846 Lavonia Hwy/ Hwy77 and is open Thursday through Saturday 10:000 until 5:00. We especially appreciate Dee Wiser for opening her heart and business to help homeless animals.

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The 11th Annual Dam Dog Walk and Pet Pageant was a success! Thanks to Nestle Purina Co.for sponsoring the event we raised $2,000.00 towards medical treatment for rescued animals! Purina's gift of $10,000.00 will provide a new roof at the J. Robert Mauldin Animal Sanctuary. The lives of countless dogs and cats will be saved thanks to Purina's passion for pets.
We are beyond grateful for this gift. 
We want to thank Presley Berryman and her family for making the first Pooch Parade a success and Doc Ayers and Michelle Wetherbee for all their efforts to make the event one we are proud of. Thank you Lavonia Pet Salon for the beautiful winner baskets, Ed Murdock Superstores and Roger and Summer Leatherman for the donation of water and ice.
We appreciate the support of our veterinarians, vendors, volunteers and participants. Together we are saving so many lives.
While diamonds and gold make some happy, we appreciate gravel and concrete. Thank you Turner Concrete, Mickey Davenport, Zeno and Jake Thomas for helping us with gravel for the driveway and the concrete pad for our catio.    

Our next meeting is 5:30 Monday May 14th at the J. Robert Mauldin Animal Sanctuary/Hart County Humane Society 1364 Reed Creek Hwy.. We have a number of big events coming up and we need help. May 18/19 and 20th is a National Adoption Event at Pet Smart. We will also be participating in Purina's Ribbon Cutting on May 19th. Please consider volunteering sometime during this weekend.
We will also be outside of Walmart one day, yet to be determined to participate in a supply drive. 
There will be additional pictures posted on our Hart County Animal Humane Society Facebook page, please like and follow us. For more information please email hartcohumane@yahoo.com or call 706-436-0965. Volunteers are desperately needed and genuinely appreciated. 

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